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Impro Unwrapped: Australian Impro Community Unite To Help Charity for Xmas

So how does it work? You bring a wrapped Christmas gift to the show. We will randomly select and unwrap gifts during the show. The unwrapped gifts will be the inspiration for our Christmas stories and songs all made up on the spot, without a script, without a rehearsal, live before your very eyes! At the end of the night, gifts will be re-wrapped and donated to the fine folk at St Vincent De Paul to pass on to those less fortunate.

Doin’ It For Dave

Join Dave Hughes, Tony Martin, Glenn Robbins, Judith Lucy, Wil Anderson, Peter Rowsthorn, Dave O’Neil, Peter Helliar, Greg Fleet, Christine Basil, Lawrence Mooney, Brad Oakes, Pommy Johnson, and more…

2009’s biggest comedy show for the Dave Grant Fighting Fund.