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Growing Pains

You see, Australia has never really had a population strategy. Well, to be precise, nobody has ever really considered how many people should be allowed to live in here.

Desh: The Naked Indian

They say that for the average Australian male, the ideal women is tall, blond, blue eyed and buxom (according to Zoo Weekly). While this maybe so, for the average ethnic Australian male, the ideal women bares no striking outward physical quality. The ideal women is somebody who can pronounce their name properly.

Desh: Tears of my Testes

But when it comes to nominating a single penetrating quality of swoon, I will quite readily admit that out of all of my attractive qualities, I remain a slave to one, my sensitivity. I am so sensitive I am crying now just thinking about how sensitive I am.

Desh: The Windies are Coming!

I invoke the Mother Goddess when bereft of rugby league we wait patiently for the start of the international cricket season. How I long for that familiar thwack of leather on willow replacing the grunting and snapping of bones as a pig skin is tucked under the arm and rushed forward.

Desh: Murmurs on the wire

Namastae! May the many hands of Ganesha bring you fortune and favor. My weekend has ended with a double shot of The Wire series one on [insert paid advertisement for ISP provider here]. Mindless hours whiling away a rainy afternoon got me thinking how East Baltimore is nothing like Rouse Hill and The Mean Fiddler [gratuitous plug for my gig on Wednesday night].