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MICF’09 news bits: police unamused by comedy prank, blandness rules for TV comedy casting, Sydney-Melbourne rivalry redux

Three very different stories from the news this week. The first story is a too-successful prank for promoting a festival show, the second is the festival through the eyes of a TV talent scout, the third is an opinion piece from the annual comedy festival blog from Melbourne’s The Age, which is a sponsor of MICF.

Reviews: MICF 09 Sketch Comedy at Kaleide Theatre

There are three troupes performing sketch comedy at RMIT’s Kaleide Theatre for MICF 09, with hopes that this may merely be the first year that the Kaleide acts as a hub for sketch comedy shows. They’ve chosen a great venue: the audience was certainly keen as well – both shows I attended were full houses, ready and willing to laugh.

Friday poster parade 2

The slideshow below displays some posters for shows happening over the next week or two. You can examine a poster in more detail, either mouse-over the top of the slideshow to pause it or slow down its speed click on a thumbnail (mouse-over the bottom of the slideshow) to view only that poster click on […]