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UK’s John Moloney returns to Sydney

ohn Moloney’s mix of comedy and music has made him one of the most in-demand acts in the UK and abroad, and it’s fantastic to see him back in Sydney again at the Comedy Store EQ. Drily acidic and understated with an occasional flash of sheer naughtiness, Moloney is a classic exponent of traditional stand-up craft, and is a pleasure to watch in action.

Josh Thomas at Sydney’s Comedy Store

Josh Thomas really is very likeable. His quirky look and semi-stammering (yet beautifully timed) delivery plays to the appeal of the underdog, generally being a good sport about the series of humiliating moments he recounts from his life. Self-deprecation is a common comic’s strategy for making the audience forget the power the person holding the mic on the stage has right then, but Thomas takes it beyond just getting the audience on his side into nearly a performance art piece.