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Reviews: Kitty Flanagan, Jamie Kilstein

Tuesday 18th November, Comedy @ Marble Bar, Kitty Flanagan headlining
Thursday 20th November, The Comedy Store, Jamie Kilstein headlining

Comedy @ Marble Bar seems to be developing a nice core of regulars after work on Tuesday evenings, which makes for a pleasant buzz to the room, although they tend to be grinners and chucklers rather than belly-laughers….

Arriving late for The Comedy Store…MickeyD, as MC, was a larrikin maestro, fast-foot-working around the stage while delivering great big dollops of cheeky to approving roars…the featured support act, Dave Jory. His wry observational style punctuated by the lunges for emphasis won her over, and totally cracked up the room. If his cats and my cat ever get a chance to plot together, the human race is doomed…

Headliner Jamie Kilstein was promoted as part of the New York underground scene, which is apparently comedy code for “no, you haven’t seen him on Letterman or Leno” and “yes, he’s all over YouTube” (which is handy for checking him out before going to a show). His material was rather like a distillation of the sharpest left-leaning American political blogs – talking points with a twist – so it was very much my cup of tea…