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Melbourne Review: Anarchist Guild Social Committee

For about five months now I’ve been going to a series of comedy shows at the Bella Union bar in the Victorian Trades Hall in Carlton, called ‘Anarchist Guild Social Committee Meetings’. I found out about them because a friend joined their group on Facebook. Now that I’ve joined the group too, Facebook reminds me when the next meeting is on, asks me sign up to it on the events calendar, sends me thank you emails after the event, courtesy of the Anarchists (and on one occasion a freebie to another Trades Hall show) and generally gives me the illusion of being an organised fellow who goes to see all the important theatre shows and knows all the important people. On Facebook.

‘Guild Meetings’ take the form of a one hour skit-comedy show performed by nine or so regular comedians, with a few other guest performers and musicians. The regulars have a delightfully economical approach to jokes. When they can’t find a good pun, a bad pun will do, and when they can’t find a bad pun, they do without and the lack of pun becomes the pun.