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Welcome to the new GFI

It looks pretty much exactly like the old GFI, except that it’s now part of the brand new Comedy Tragics Network, where Aussie comedy performers and promoters can come together to help our industry grow.  GFI is now mostly going to stick to news and reviews while  the listings will shift to the Comedy Tragics […]

We’re baaaaack!

GFI is alive but wounded. A major site reworking was planned (and paid for) and then it all went terribly, terribly wrong (and payment has been refunded). The errors that made the site unviewable have now been fixed. The errors that made the last month’s worth of articles refuse to publish are nearly fixed, so […]

Tech woes finally sorted

So, this simple server migration that was only supposed to take a couple of hours? Took a lot longer than that.

As usual, in the end it was just that one setting that everybody forgot to change that was the problem. Some older posts might perhaps no longer display their images due to some changes in database configuration – the pics can be recovered if you let me know about the problem for any particular post.

New features

The gig listing software for the site has been updated. This means that it’s now easier to subscribe via RSS or iCal to only the listing updates that you want to see for your region.

Nice to be back

Had a few technical difficulties. For those who love the tech-talk, a supposedly-simple database-migration to a new server went horribly tits-up.

A little disclaimer

If you see a venue using the same name as this website, but without including the URL of this website, please be advised that it is nothing to do with us and is using the registered trademark “Gagging For It” without permission.