Promoting your show

Nearly all promotion of comedy on Gagging For It is free of charge: to have your show mentioned in a news article or added to the show listings costs you nothing. (Our income stream will eventually be from banner advertising through a typical ad network) Just let us know the details.

Show listings:

Shows are listed in the gig guide as a courtesy with basic details of where and when. If you want to add updates on featured performers etc to a listing you will need to become a registered user and update your listing yourself.


Contributors to Gagging For It will review comedy shows that they go to see. There is no charge for this, however given costs and timetabling practicalities it is more likely that your show will be seen if you provide comps. At least send us a friendly email and engage in conversation so that we want to come and meet you!

Paid Ads:

We do accept promotional advertising for comedy performances or comedy-related products/services. These ads will be placed in the banner and sidebar areas. Please mail Viv to discuss fee structure.

Contact the Editor:

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