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Viv is always happy to receive snippets that can be used in the news posts, or have a review submitted for publication as a guest post (cross-posting a review already published elsewhere is quite possible).

Plug a tour, or the opening of a new comedy room, or a festival line-up: let’s spread the news around.


Keep ’em short!

  • A few sentences (two paragraphs tops) summary of your act/style – this is what people who’ve never seen you want to know
  • A few sentences (maximum) for a “Best Known For”/”Biggest Gigs”
  • website details – your own site, your MySpace/Facebook/Youtube, your management/booking agency.

When we reply to you then you can send us an image to use, just please use an image editor to reduce it down to a manageable size – 500 pixels wide maximum, please. (We will then adjust it to best fit our format.)

P.S. It’s fine if you don’t have an official website or an agent/manager (we want to encourage new and rising comics!), but you should at least have a MySpace Comedian account rather than just an ordinary myspace page (comedians, with musicians, are the only non-trivial users of myspace – discuss). You should list all your gigs there, even if they’re nearly all open mics because you’re just starting out.


Comedy Rooms

We need

  • the name you market the Room under
  • the name of the actual venue/pub/club etc
  • day and time that the Room runs its shows
  • an outline of the show’s format
  • Also
    • telephone contact number
    • website details for both the Room and the Venue proper
    • ticket prices

When we reply to you then you can send us a copy of your logo.


Regular, Touring and Special Events

Viv will add some gigs to the Gig Guide herself, but for others asks organisers/promoters to become a registered user of Gagging For It to add their own gigs.

  • Viv will list benefit nights and charity fundraisers at any venue at any time. Just send details using the email form below.
  • Viv is making an effort to list the regular open-mic and rising comic showcase nights in the Gagging For It gig guide as recurring gigs, but if you want the weekly listings to show the name of your headliners and MCs you will need to become a registered user so you can edit the entry. Email Viv to be added as a user.
  • If you are a larger venue who only books established pros and who employs a PR/press person, then you are also welcome to become a registered user and add all your gigs to the database. Email Viv to be added as a user.

Viv’s always looking to improve the site, so suggestions are very welcome.

Any information you hoped to find here, but didn’t? Let me know and I’ll see what I can add here.

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