Hall of Shame – Inkey Jones’ London “Comedy” Club

As the saying goes, if you can’t be a good example then you’ll have to be a horrible warning. Step up to the horrible warning plate, London “comedian” and “comedy club” manager Inkey Jones.

American comic Patrick Melton’s fantastic takedown piece London Comedy Club – Inkey Jones is a Lying Piece of Garbage has been shared widely around UK comedy circles, so I’m just signal-boosting it for any Aussie comics and comedy fans visiting London so they can avoid this shonkster and his appalling “comedy” show.

[Jones] has no reservations about fleecing unsuspecting tourists and guests of the Kingsway Hall Hotel by luring them in to pay top-dollar for bottom-tier comedy, with promises of award-winning acts and nationally touring comedians.

It’s bottom-tier comedy not because Jones doesn’t manage to (at least sometimes) persuade talented comics to turn up (at least once each) but because he only gives them a tiny fraction of the show and the rest of it is all Inkey all the time, and he certainly isn’t either an award-winning or a nationally touring comedian, and it shows in the steady number of walkouts reported for every show. Because Jones’ business model appears to be all about getting a regular stream of first-time punters from the tourist district rather than building up repeat custom from locals, this obviously doesn’t bother him (hands up anybody who thinks he refunds walkouts?)

What I particularly like about Melton’s post is that he takes the time to educate readers outside the industry on what a professional comedy flyer/poster/website should look like and how Inkey Jones’ stuff just doesn’t measure up (he doesn’t list the comedian line-up on his website, for instance), and how this should be a virtual klaxon blaring AVOID! AVOID!

two side by side panels - one list shows only the name of the club for each show, the other list shows the names of the comedians performing for each show

How An Ashamed Club lists its shows vs How A Proud Club lists its shows

Melton isn’t the only one making a noise about Inkey Jones being well dodgy – here’s a YouTube video of a journalist visiting the show, the TripAdvisor reviews are overwhelmingly negative, and Chortle notes that the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has made a ruling against the club’s flyers and website for their misleading claims (a ruling which Jones appears to be ignoring).

No doubt Jones will shortly change the name of his “club” and his own stage-name (he’s apparently done it before) plus quite possibly require a new venue for it as well due to the current bout of negative publicity from Melton’s expose, but the same lack of proper credit to the comedians appearing, the false attribution of the flattering “quotes” peppering his website and the appallingly amateurish venue setup should continue to be a glaring giveaway. Spend your time and money elsewhere.

h/t Bev Killick via FB


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