Explaining my comedy hiatus

Over the last year and a half I’ve put most comedy-following aside in order to support my increasingly frail parents. Sadly the support of myself and my siblings did not work sufficient magic to beat the cancer that took my mum away last week, nor to halt the acceleration of my dad’s Alzheimers that means we’ve had to find a permanent care placement for him.

Since it does me no good to dwell on sadness, I’m dipping my toe back into comedy and hope that it will be mutually beneficial – therapeutic for me and productive for comedy performers.

I won’t be doing interview/promo posts here on GFI for a while yet, but I’ll still be signal-boosting through Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. So make sure to follow the GFI page on FB so that I can see your events and signal boost them on FB and Twitter, and/or submit posters for your shows to the Australian Comedy Posters tumblr for extra signalacious goodness.

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