No punchlines were spoiled in the live-tweeting* of #MICF OpeningNight

I’ve yanked them directly from my tweet feed, so the first tweet below is actually the last of the show.  Scroll down to the bottom to read from the start, or else read from here and feel like your travelling backwards in time.  See if you can spot the point of the technical glitch!
  • #micf OpeningNight: Des Bishop somehow makes cancer funny, everybody takes a bow, streamer fight onstage, and then the SuperShow is over.
  • #micf OpeningNight: crowd responds strongly to Brit Jimmy McGhie’s very tight set (see him in Best of the Edinburgh Fest)
  • #micf OpeningNight: Strong set from @jeffgreen007, crowd eating out of his hand
  • #micf OpeningNight: A special song for Oz from @Deadcatbounceie – glamrocking the shamrock like mad
  • #micf OpeningNight: Who else but @jimeoin could get away with 5 minutes of actual toilet humour? #notquitewhatyoumightthink
  • #micf OpeningNight: Idiots of Ants sketch started quirky, briefly posed as predictable, then turned it all around & wrapped it in a bow +++
  • #micf OpeningNight: the deliciously dorky Felicity Ward charms the crowd, just gorgeously paced and delivered
  • #micf OpeningNight: Huge crowd reaction to Wil Anderson, who fired out devastating chunks of funny in response
  • #micf OpeningNight: The New Art Club take dance to disturbing new heights and lows of crowd participation and “oh no, they’re not really…”
  • #micf OpeningNight: Kyle Kinnane does a lovely line in growly non-sequiturs
  • #micf OpeningNight: 2nd half opener Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, who know exactly how to play up Aussie-Kiwi rivalry for fun
  • OK, time to delay-tweet the second half of #micf Opening Night Allstars Supershow from my notes
  • OK reception getting dodgy 2nd half will have to be paper notes #MICF OpeningNight
  • RT @EmmaJWestwood: Ooh, Wanda Sykes has hit the ground running. Looking forward to her first night tomorrow #MICF #MICF2012
  • #MICF #OpeningNight Greg Behrendt makes nice use of Tim Tams, followed by the sartorially spectacular Bob Downe
  • The Palais gives a hometown welcome for Sam Simmons and his absurdism #MICF #OpeningNight
  • And now it’s Shappi Khorsandi! #MICF #OpeningNight charming as ever
  • #MICF #OpeningNight Simon Munnery. Surprising musical bits and whimsical juxtapositions
  • #MICF #OpeningNight marital discord from Mike McLeish and Fiona Harris
  • Kumail Nanjani just killed #MICF #OpeningNight and now it’s Wanda Sykes HUGE ROAR FROM CROWD
  • #MICF #OpeningNight nice callback to Mark Thomas’ set from Kumail Nanjani
  • Mark Watson now #MICF #OpeningNight #killing
  • #MICF #OpeningNight Denise Scott telling stories #hurrah
  • Yay it’s Scotty!
  • Next Brit comic Mark Thomas #MICF #OpeningNight
  • First up is @nonstoptom chatting with the front row
  • How OTT was that? #MICF #OpeningNight
  • Lady JMo song and dance sequins everywhere #micf (opening number)

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