Belated Brief Reviews

So, who did I see over the yearly festive hiatus in local comedy rooms? Herewith a series of short-short reviews of a few big names I caught up with on their tours:

  • Eddie Izzard – Stripped November 2011
    Classic standup with Izzard simply owning the stage with a savage suavity. A few people, presumably religious, walked out. To describe too much would be too many spoilers, but: the encore homage to his famous Death Star Canteen routine was exceptionally cleverly done.
  • Spicks and Speck-tacular The Finale Tour – November 2011
    This was possibly the daggiest show I’ve seen since my high school talent contests. Great fun for those who love, love, love Adam, Myf and Alan working together. A slight overdose in the lycra department. My kids didn’t care.

    My main sadness with the departure of Spicks and Specks from our telly screens is this: why did it have to end just because Adam/Myf/Alan had had enough? In the US and UK, similar shows go on for years and years with intermittent changes of hosting talent – they do their job of promoting live local talent and/or upcoming experimental comedy telly shows: they’d just keep on keeping on. Why didn’t Adam/Myf/Alan just hand over, in toto or serially, to other folks willing to do the same job?

    This is not to say that I don’t like Adam Hills IGST – it’s fine. But I don’t see why we couldn’t have had that and still had a music/comedy panel show called Spicks and Specks (with at least one different host) as well.

  • Tim Minchin vs the Orchestra – February 2012
    Minchin goes from strength to strength.  There is nothing quite like sharing an auditorium with a full orchestra, and everybody on stage plays this up to the fullest effect. Minchin knows how to play his audience, and the audience loves being played. It’s not everybody’s traditionalist cup of tea, and quite deliberately so, but those who’ve done their online home study are keen to receive exactly what they expect. I loved it.

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