Review: LadyNerd Cabaret

Keira Daley performing in LadyNerd Cabaret

Piano Bar Meets Sega Megadrive

Presented by the Sydney Fringe Festival and Twisted Melon Productions

I knew I would enjoy this show, because Keira Daley singing nerdcore material – what’s not to like? Well aware of Keira’s range of performance talents and a proud nerdgeek tribe member, for me this was bound to be fun, and I hoped for more than just fun, and I wasn’t disappointed. I watched a beautifully crafted gem of cabaret unfold before me: veering from ironic banter to outrageous caricature to the melancholy revelations and triumphant weirdnesses adorning the lives of various historical Lady Nerds, skewering stereotypes with exuberance along the way.

Booking Information

Dates: 15 September – 1 October
Times: 7pm
Duration: 60mins
Tickets: Adult $29, Conc $22
Venue: Sound Lounge
Book online at or call 9351 7940

Written and performed by: Keira Daley
Producer & Dramaturg/additional writing: Peter Lead
Musical Director & Arranger: Mark Chamberlain
Director: Jay James-Moody
Choreographer: Jo Gregory
Sound Design: Jessica Burns
Additional voice-overs: Blake Erickson, Beth Daly, Peter Lead, Jay James-Moody.
Graphic design: Kenney Ogilvie

A nerd is someone obsessed with ideas

LadyNerd celebrates awkwardly brilliant women with big ideas and a passion for seeing them through, and highlights how their Nerd Nature affected their lives in both hilarious and painful ways. It also showcases Keira’s versatility brilliantly, as the show moves through moods via monologues, sketches, patter with the pianist, multimedia moments, crowd interaction and song after song after glorious song.

From the moment we walked in and noted the Tetris backdrop, my nerdy friend and I were hooked. If you too love the well-timed application of Venn diagrams, pie charts and retro game soundtracks alongside fact-packed references to analytical engines, frequency hopping, the problems with poets and the terrible crime of apostrophe misuse, then you are one of the LadyNerd tribe.

More interested in well timed gags, rollicking rants, surprising segues and punchlines liberally laced with puns? LadyNerd has you covered.

Just want to watch a kick-arse vocalist and gifted accompanist play with ideas and emotions while taking you along for a wittily moving and theatrically satisfying ride? This lovingly structured show will delight you.

Five Stars!I don’t normally do stars for my reviews, but LadyNerd deserves five stars. Don’t miss it.

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