Magic Comedy Night

This Friday, July 1st @ TAP Gallery Darlinhurst.┬áMagic Comedy is barreling toward it’s 8th show with a momentum fast enough to dislodge Tony Abbot’s budgie from its cage! (sorry about the imagery).

This month we a have a fantastic line-up of very funny Gen Y’s, Gen X’s and Gen “I’m over it”‘s to get you laughing like mad, and two phenomenally charismatic (and engagingly mysterious) magicians.

Comedians: Alice Fraser (The Host), Michele Betts (The Wry), Christina Eakins (The Mum), Jen Wong (The Philosopher), Justine Rogers and Pretty Plain (making their debut at MCN!).

Magicians: The enigmatic Adrian Dean and the energetic PiP Comic Illusionist (of balloon de-flating then re-inflating then deflating again fame).

Magic Comedy Night never fails to be a night of great warmth so if you haven’t yet been, now’s the time (being wintery and cold and everything).


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