SCF2011: Joel Creasey, Political Animal

At age 20, Joel Creasey is already a local legend around Perth after several years of honing his bitchily bubbly brand of comedy. Lately he’s been touring around the eastern states more often and this is his second year of putting on a solo festival show.

The show Political Animal is loosely based on the idea of politics as just another celebrity parade, ingeniously formatted as a How To Become Prime Minister presentation that just happens to allow Creasey the opportunity to slag off just about every special interest group throughout our planet’s history in the first half of the show and nearly every politician and TV celebrity in Australia during the second half of a very fast-paced hour. Some of these people may deserve to be heaped with scorn more than others, perhaps definitely, but as the shocked gasps from the audience got louder and more frequent he still kept that twinkle in his eye that meant you just couldn’t quite hate him for being a meaniehead, because he somehow made it all a great big fun-ball of fabulous.

My only concern is whether insulting every famous person in Australia might just come back to bite him one day in the career prospects department. I do hope not.

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