MICF 2011: Barry Awards!

From MICF:

Each year, we recognise the best and brightest shows and comedians with a series of awards presented in the final week of the Festival.

2011 Barry Award

WINNER: Russell Kane – Smokescreens and Castles

Bob Franklin – An Audience With Sir Robert
DeAnne Smith – About Freakin’ Time
Hannah Gadsby – Mrs Chuckles
Paul Foot – Ash in the Attic
Sam Simmons And The Precise History of Things
Tig Notaro

2011 Golden Gibbo Award

WINNER: Geraldine Quinn – You’re The Voice: Songs For The Ordinary By An Anthemaniac

Dr Neal Portenza’s Interactive Goat Hour v 2.0
Ryan Coffey – Live and Stupider

The Underlads – It’s All About the Destination, not the Journey

Xavier Michelides – Future World

2011 Festival Directors’ Award

WINNER: Denise Scott – Regrets

2011 Best Newcomer Award

WINNER: Michael Workman – Humans Are Beautiful

Toby Halligan – Electile Dysfunction
John Conway – The New Conway Show
Zoe Coombs Marr – And That Was The Summer That Changed My Life

2011 Piece of Wood Award

WINNER: Harley Breen – I Heart Bunnings: Stories About My Brothers

2011 Bulmers’ People’s Choice Award

WINNER: Wil Anderson – Man vs. Wil

2011 Funny Tonne Award

WINNER: Kath Dolheguy

Barry Award

Launched in 1998 as the ‘Stella Award’ and renamed in 2000 to honour the Festival’s founding patron Barry Humphries, the Barry Award recognises the most outstanding Festival show. The winner gets fame, glory, a snazzy trophy and an all-important cheque.

2010 Barry Award co-winner Sammy J with 2009 winners The Pajama Men

Past winners:
2010: Sammy J and Heath McIvor – Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane
2009: The Pajama Men – Versus Vs Versus
2008: Joint Winners – Nina Conti – Complete and Utter Conti & Kristen Schaal – As you have probably never seen her before
2007: Daniel Kitson – it’s the fireworks talking
2006: Demetri Martin – Dr Earnest Parrot presents Demetri Martin
2005: The Drowsy Drivers – Keating! The Opera
2004: Maria Bamford
2003: Mike Wilmot
2002: Ross Noble
2001: Brian Munich – Brian Munich & Friends
2000: The Boosh – Arctic Boosh
1999: Sue Ann Post – G Strings and Jockstraps
1998: Linda Haggar and Fahey Younger – Miss Itchy’s Creme De Menthe Breakfast Show

The Age Critics’ Award

The Age Critics’ Award is the reviewers’ gong. In recent years, it has become The Age Critics’ choice for the best local act.

Past winners:
2010: Asher Treleaven – Secret Door
2009: Celia Pacquola – Am I Strange?
2008: Sammy J – in The Forest of Dreams
2007: Lawerence Leung – Learns to breakdance
2006: Judith Lucy – I Failed
2005: The Drowsy Drivers – Keating! The Opera
2004: The Kransky Sisters – We Don’t Have Husbands
2003: Paul McDermott, Cameron Bruce and Mick Moriarty – GUD UGH /Denise Scott, Judith Lucy and Lynda Gibson – Comedy Is Still Not Pretty
2002: Ross Noble
2001: Brian Munich – Brian Munich & Friends

The Melbourne Airport Best Newcomer Award

The winner of this award for the best first-timer at the Festival gets a trip to the Brighton Comedy Festival in the UK, thanks to Melbourne Airport.

Past winners:
2010: Claudia O’Doherty – Monsters of the Deep 3D
2009: Tom Ballard Is What He Is
2008: Fear Of a Brown Planet – Nazeem Hussain & Aamer Rahman
2007: Josh Thomas – Please like me
2006: Sammy J – Sammy J’s 55 Minute National Tour
2005: Christina Adams – To Miss With Love
2004: The Kransky Sisters – We Don’t Have Husbands / Eddie Perfect – Angry Eddie
2003: Flight of the Conchords
2002: Jim Russell, Marty Sheargold and Aidan Fennessy – The Trade / The Drowsy Drivers – Northcote Country Soul
2001: Fiona O’Loughlin – Fiona and her sister (and some guy) / Cal Wilson – Hello Kitty
2000: Gerard McCulloch – An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a documentary / Emma Bathgate – The Dilapidated Diva

The Golden Gibbo

In memory of the late, great Lynda Gibson, who passed away in 2004, the Golden Gibbo is awarded to a local, independent show that bucks trends and pursues the artist’s idea more strongly than it pursues any commercial lure.

Past winners:
2010: Sam Simmons and David Quirk – The Incident
2009: The List Operators
2008: The Suitcase Royale – The Ghosts of Ricketts Hill
2007: The Glass Boat
2006: Greg Bird – Cliffy is Relaxed and Comfortable
2005: The Drowsy Drivers – Keating! The Opera
2004: Jo Randerson – Carry on Randerson / Eddie Perfect – Angry Eddie

The Piece of Wood Award

The comics’ choice gong is a beloved (and much bitten) piece of wood. Selected by an ever-growing committee of comedians (as each year’s winner is entitled to join the voting process), it is awarded to comics for doing good stuff ‘n’ that.

Piece of Wood award

Past winners:
2010: Sam Simmons – Fail
2009: Lawrence Mooney Make The Girls Laugh
2008: Tom Gleeson
2007: Andy Zaltzman
2006: Damian Callinan / Fiona O’Loughlin
2005: Tony Law
2004: Andrew McClelland
2003: Justin Hamilton
2002: Michael Chamberlin / Charlie Pickering
2001: Rich Fulcher
2000: Stewart Lee
1999: Simon Munnery
1998: Linda Hagger / Fahey Younger

The Directors’ Choice Award

The Directors’ Choice is awarded by the Comedy Festival Director, in consultation with other visiting Festival Directors, to a fabulous show that somehow missed out on any other prize.

Past winners:
2010: Hannah Gadsby – The Cliff Young Shuffle
2009: The Bedroom Philosopher Songs From The 86 Tram
2008: Sam Simmons
2007: Justin Hamilton
2006: Men of Steel / Nick Sun – Blood on the Yolks in the Key of Owls
2005: Tim Minchin – Darkside

Check out the individual event pages for the winners of RAW Comedy and Class Clowns

The Bulmers People’s Choice Award

Launched in 2010, the Bulmers People’s Choice Award is proudly sponsored by Bulmers and is awarded to the most popular show as voted by the people. The winner receives a lovely trophy and a $5,000 cheque, while punters can win a trip for two to the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal simply by voting!

Past winners:
2010: Wil Anderson – Wilful Misconduct (inaugural winner)

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