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logo for comedy news snippets storiesWhat’s on and What’s Not over Xmas/New Year, new and closing venues, new website ventures!

  • Most weekly/monthly comedy rooms around the country finish up for a festive season break either this week or next, with Gala lineups and extra dollops of silliness. Get along for some great shows featuring mostly-local comedians giving it their all.
  • The various big comedy nightclubs with shows many/most nights of the week will keep on keeping on with touring headliners and local favourites showcases for Xmas party packages and with some big New Years Eve lineups planned.
  • Mid-January will see the beginning of Heats for MICF’s Raw Comedy contest for new comedians (applications are open now and will remain open only until all existing heats slots are filled).
  • Melbourne

  • There’s a new comedy room on Wednesday nights at the Felix Bar, 43 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. Follow @FelixBarComedy on Twitter for updates.
  • Sydney

  • Comedy @Marble Bar at the Hilton Hotel in the CBD will have its last show ever on Tuesday 14th December 7pm. Super farewell lineup of Sydney’s best comics, tickets selling fast!
  • Check the What’s On page to find these venues near you.


  • Sydney comedian Jacques Barrett of Wagon Productions has set up a website for all you huge comedy fans out there:

    A collection of good calls and great comebacks by comedians and funny civilians.

    It’s called Towsh and you can read why here. If you’ve heard a great heckle or an even better squelch, submit it to Towsh!

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