Do ya wanna be on American radio?

24/7 Comedy Radio, an new network in the USA & Canada, is looking for submissions from comics Down Under. They also have a new performing rights society so comedians can collect $ for airplay.

24/7 comedy radio logo24/7 Comedy Radio, a new ALL-COMEDY RADIO NETWORK in the USA & Canada, is looking for content from Australia. Think you’ve got what it takes to be on the radio?

I’m looking for stand up acts that are well recorded, live, and funny. Two out of three won’t do. We are a growing network of broadcast stations in the US, as well as a lively website, and a top rated smartphone app (iHeart), so that’s even more chances to be heard. Check us out at and send submissions to me on CD or DVD (region 0 if possible). Contact thru George@DonkeyComedyNetwork.
com. You need not be famous – only meet my 3 requirements.

Don’t worry about naughty words in the bit – I’ve got a crack team of editors who can seamlessly make them disappear so you’re working clean. You can hear the results at the website as well.

In addition – there is a new performing rights organization, The Comedy Exchange, which distributes payments to comedic writers whose works appear on US radio stations – such as our network. It’s FREE to join, and details can be found at

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