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That Was The Year That Was Comedy Gala 2010

That Was The Year That Was is back for its third year as Australia’s Comedy Gala Event of the Year bringing together our finest comedians for a no-holds-barred review of 2010. Hosted by James O’Loghlin, That Was The Year That Was stars Mikey Robins, Peter Berner; Jeff Green, Hannah Gadsby, Rod Quantock, Paul McCarthy, Clayton Doley’s and Organ Donors….Plus many more!

Sydney Comedy Festival announces first release tix for 2011

With over 80,000 tickets sold in 2010, Sydney Comedy Festival has fast become one of the highlights of Sydney’s cultural calendar. Running from 11 April till 8 May, the 2011 Festival promises it’s most exciting and diverse program yet, with everything from stand up, cabaret, musical comedy and an expanded kids program. The First Release went on sale on Tuesday 30th November with tickets on sale through

DeAnne Smith @ Comedy on the Edge

Comedy on the Edge has been a place where the audience has often been largely comedians watching other comedians: where newbies brave the open mic, where not-so-newbies test longer sets, and where established pros drop in at short notice to try out 5 minutes of new material and see what sticks before the night’s MC & headliner wrap up the show. It’s still all those things, but now even better!