Poster Parade: it lives!

Yes, we used to have a regular feature here, a slideshow of current comedy posters, which hasn’t gone up for a year or so because it was, frankly, way too much work. As of today, comedy posters will be displayed at a new Tumblog, Australia Comedy Posters. This is not a substitute for news articles here, just an extra service focussing on posters only.

As I get announcements about shows, lineups, tours etc, if they come with a link to a poster on a website then I will reblog the poster on the Tumblog with a link to the relevant information page. Or you can send me a link to your info page and poster URL, and I’ll sort it out (do NOT send me the image file by email). This is by far the easiest way for me to signal-boost shows when I’m pushed for time, and also gives me something to link gig-guide listings to for venues/performers who don’t have a regularly updated website.

You should see the latest posters embedded below (click on the image to be taken to a page with more information about the show):


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