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Each Sunday night, two massive teams of good & evil will battle it out in an improvised comedy war to control our world. From Twilight to True Blood, Dracula to Daybreakers, Blacula to Buffy The Vampire Slayer; every undead, bloodsucking tale will be given a new twist in a night of comedy with bite.

Comedy Allstars at Lilikoi Terrigal

Comedy Allstars at Lilikoi Terrigal Crown Plaza Friday 18 June will be a huge and hilarious night of comedy featuring Australia’s favourite female comedian Jackie Loeb, who will bring musical faux pas to life in this special presentation of her comedy festival show Jackie Loeb Sings The Worst Songs Ever Written

Desh: The Naked Indian

They say that for the average Australian male, the ideal women is tall, blond, blue eyed and buxom (according to Zoo Weekly). While this maybe so, for the average ethnic Australian male, the ideal women bares no striking outward physical quality. The ideal women is somebody who can pronounce their name properly.