SCF 2010: Dead Cat Bounce

promo pic for Irish comedy band Dead Cat Bounce

L-R: Shane O'Brien, Demian Fox, James Walmsley and Mick Cullinan are Dead Cat Bounce.

The Boiler Room Tue 4 – Sat 8 May @ 9:00, Sun 9 May @ 8:00

It’s a measure of just how funny a show is when it doesn’t hit you till quite a while later just how tightly scripted it was. The fact that their music is sing-along rocktastic doesn’t hurt either. If you happen to like watching young men in ridiculously tight rocker pants, they’ve got you covered there as well.

My husband and I took along a couple of his work colleagues for a fun night out to celebrate the end of a project. I’d heard good things (as had, obviously, all the other people who booked early enough to push them into the larger venue of The Fusebox for the night), and knew that we were in for a solid hour of silly fun.

What came as a pleasant surprise was just how tight their music was and how well they crossed their genres (my husband even bought their CD). Even their banter between the typical comedy band archetypes of you’re-so-vain lead guitar/lead singer, too-cool bass player, nerdy drummer and alcoholic keyboardist was charmingly fresh, with hootingly absurdist moments as a bonus.

These guys are a serious band. Who make cracking jokes. Catch them wherever you can.

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