Impro Cave 2010 – extended season

logo for Impro Cave Season 2010
The Penny Black,
420 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
Sunday evenings,
6th June – 29th August 2010
$15.00 full,
$10.00 concession & groups 10+
Online at

The Impro Cave – season extended due to popular demand

Impro Melbourne’s hot fan favourite, the Impro Cave, is back to ward off the winter chill. Like a steaming bowl of soup or a mug of mulled wine, the Impro Cave will keep you pumped up and energised during the long winter nights.

Better yet, the season has been extended by popular demand, so you can laugh your way through all thirteen weeks of winter. What better way to get toasty on a Sunday night than with good food, an open fire and laughing with friends?

Join Impro Melbourne to generate some warmth with chuckles and hot chocolate. This season Impro Melbourne’s much loved shows are back!

  • Bingo Board of Doom – The cult favourite squeezes 30 random plot twists into six stories. The result is chaos, but in a good way.
  • Smells Like a Song – At the toss of a single red rose the audience chooses when the improviser must break into song. You only get one rose so make it count.
  • GypsyProv – The moon is full and the Gypsy wagon has rolled into Brunswick. Cross their palms with silver and they’ll tell you a tale or two.

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