Giveaways: Sydney Comedy Festival 2010 – Die Roten Punkte, Al Pitcher and Mother of all Galas

Die Roten Punkte Robot Lion Tour, Al Pitcher Picture Show Tour of the World, The Mother of All Galas

Die Roten Punkte Robot Lion Tour, The Al Pitcher Picture Show Tour Of The World, The Mother of All Galas

The fine folks at the Sydney Comedy Festival have gifted me with some giveaways!

  • 5 x double passes for each night to Die Rotten Punkte (tonight -Thurs 29 April, Fri 30 April and Sat 1 May)
  • 5 x double passes for Al Pitcher Picture on Sat 1st May
  • 5 x double passes for Mother of All Galas on Sun 9 May

So that’s 25 double passes in all, for three top shows.

Drop an email to giveaways [ @ ] for the chance to win a double pass! Specify the show of your choice in the subject line and make sure that you use an email address you check regularly.

More details of each show below:

Die Roten Punkte – ROBOT / LION TOUR
Venue: THE LAIR @ Virgin Mobile Metro,
624 George Street, Sydney, 2000
Dates: Tuesday, 27 April 2010 to Saturday, 1 May 2010
Time: 9.30pm
Tickets: Full $22.00 / Conc $19.50
Bookings: 02 9020 6966
  • “Orgasmic rock-und-roll experience.” Monday Magazine, Canada
  • “It’s a class act. Intensely funny”- The Age, Melbourne
  • “Pitch-perfect pop parody”- The Scotsman, Edinburgh

Die Roten Punkte (the utterly dysfunctional pairing of German siblings Otto and Astrid Rot) became an instant household name in Europe after topping the charts in Germany and Poland with its 2005 hits ’I’m In A Band’ and ‘Best Band In The World’. The Sydney concerts will see Otto and Astrid arriving just in time to celebrate the release of their new single “Ich Bin Nicht Ein Roboter (I Am A Lion)” from their new CD “Super Musikant”.

Venue: The Factory Theatre
Dates: Sat 1 May
Time: 6.00pm
Tickets: Full $29.00 / Conc $25.00
Bookings: 02 9020 6966
  • ‘A truly unique and hilarious show. He’s a creative whirlwind of joy and fun; don’t miss your chance to catch one of the true gems of the comedy scene.’ Time Out London 2009
  • “…an imaginative show that is well worth seeing.” The Age 2009
  • “Freewheeling genius and Midas-like ability to make the most jaundiced audiences see their world anew” Sydney Morning Herald 2009

In 2009 Sydney got the chance to witness the phenomenon that is The Al Pitcher Picture Show. Since Feb 2009, Al has been touring the globe with his award winning show. Each day before a show, armed with a digital camera, Al will venture into the city he is performing in to capture the world as he sees it. Every night, Al will weave the day’s events into a truly unique and hilarious show, complete with his photographic evidence. This is a very brave concept for a comedian as he needs to create a new show every day.

This year every show will still have unique, new pictures taken that day but they will be combined with his favourites from his tour of the World! Over 12 months after his world tour began Al is looking forward to showcasing some of the best and worst of his travels as well as his new, local images from the day’s adventures.

Venue: Parade Theatre
Date: Sunday 9 May 2010
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: A $38 / C $35 / F4+ $32
Bookings: 02 9020 6966

It’s no secret that comedy is a male dominated industry. Currently only 15% of the comedians listed on industry website are women. Sydney Comedy Festival seeks to redress the balance through their Mother of all Galas, a night celebrating all that’s great about female comedy.

One of the highlights of the Sydney Comedy Festival Program, Mother of All Galas is the ultimate girl’s night out. Moving to the hottest new Sydney Comedy Festival Venue for 2010, The Parade Theatres at NIDA, the Mother of all Galas promises raucous laughter, girly giggles and champagne bubbles. Tell your girlfriends, sisters and even your mum, Mother of All Galas is the opportunity to see the female stars of the festival all under one roof.

In the past the Mother of All Galas stage has hosted some of Australia’s top female comedians including the inimitable Julia Morris, Good News Week’s Claire Hooper, Felicity Ward, Celia Paquola, Hannah Gadsby, Amelia Jane Hunter, Jackie Loeb, Sally Kimpton and Julia Wilson as well as Canadian comedy star DeAnne Smith.

So get emailing!

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6 Responses to “Giveaways: Sydney Comedy Festival 2010 – Die Roten Punkte, Al Pitcher and Mother of all Galas”

  1. Viv Smythe 2010/04/29 at 2:43 pm #

    OK, Jen in Coogee has one of the double passes to The Mother of All Galas on Sunday May 9.

    Congratulations to Jen!

    (That means there’s four more still available to other people!)

  2. Viv Smythe 2010/04/29 at 3:33 pm #

    Melody has snaffled a double pass to see Die Roten Punkte – well done!

  3. Viv Smythe 2010/04/29 at 4:09 pm #

    Now Daniel has a double pass to see Al Pitcher this Saturday night – four more left!

  4. Viv Smythe 2010/04/29 at 4:12 pm #

    Another double-pass for Al Pitcher has gone to Tom – congratulations!

  5. Viv Smythe 2010/04/29 at 4:24 pm #

    Kathleen also has a double pass to see Al Pitcher – woot!

    Only two more double-passes left for Al’s show (it’s nice and early so you can catch a meal afterwards (and then go see more comedy at the festival!)

    • Viv Smythe 2010/05/12 at 9:57 am #

      Thanks to everyone who sent me emails about the great times they had at the shows. Special thanks to Jen who left me some of her own farm’s Olive Oil at reception!

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