Joey Del: Who Am I?

The 16th Edition Of The ‘From Zero To…Somewhere Slightly Higher Than Zero’ Chronicles!!!

Well here we are in February…February pfft. Why isn’t it Febuary? What is that ‘R’ doing. The only month of the year that seems to have absolutely no idea how to spell itself.

I know this as fact as I just asked the 7 year old girl at the table next to me how to spell a few different months and she got all of them correct except for stupid, stupid February. I was going to ask her to spell more but then her mother came back from the bathroom and started giving me that filthy ‘don’t talk to my daughter you paedophile’ look that us young males seem to get more and more these days. I saw her reaction to me and was immediately overwhelmed with anger and frustration. I yelled out ‘If you don’t like me talking to your daughter then don’t bring her to my house next time you stupid whore!’ at that moment she scooped up her child and stormed out the front door never to be seen again. Prostitutes are so sensitive these days.

Anyway, after that somewhat crass start to what is essentially a family friendly blog I will try to control myself. I suppose though that this is the problem that I am currently experiencing. I am sure that everybody goes through it and I imagine that many people are still going through it. I am currently trying to answer the age old question- ‘Who am I’. Well I suppose more accurately I am trying to answer the more localised question of ‘What kind of comedian am I’. I am sure that many comedians who read this know exactly how difficult this question is to answer in the beginning and for the non comedians that read this let me assure you that it is tough.

Am I the kind of guy that constantly pushes boundaries and lives in controversy, or am I the kind of guy who plays it safe and looks for laughs that the whole family can enjoy? Am I a comedian who hits up politically sensitive topics on a constant bid to change the world through satire or am I a comic who just repeats fart joke, after poo joke, after sex joke week in and week out appealing to society’s lowest common denominator? Actually as bad as that last option sounds it certainly seems to be the best way to get myself a gig on any one of the ‘hilarious’ comedy programs that Channel 10 pumps out week after week. But as you can see, confusion is quite a prominent feature of my life at the moment.

I certainly don’t know the answer to my current predicament. I don’t even know of people do find the answer. I suppose that you just keep trying different things until eventually you find something that feels like home.

I have to admit the gig side of things has been quite good lately. My last gig was at The Laugh Garage on Wednesday night. Jonas Holt was the MC and true to his form and nature had the crowd entertained all night with some fantastic songs. Rumour has it that he told some jokes as well.

I was the first cab of the rank. Going first is interesting, one theory on going first is that they put the worst comic of the night on first so that they can get him out of the way and then get on with the people who aren’t so raw. Many people, including the guy who organised the list, agree with this theory. I on the other hand like to think that they put one of the better people on first so that they can whip the crowd into a comedic frenzy which the others can then try to maintain for the rest of the night! Well that’s my theory and I am sticking with it!

I was quite happy with how I went. I feel a lot more comfortable on stage now and I think it is starting to show. I am looking forward to improving my material more and more and working towards a much more solid set.

There were several other great acts on as well. Second up was the always funny part man, part microphone, Rodney Todd. He was followed up by one of the people who can truly make kids chained up in the attic funny Ben Mcleod. Both of these guys did great sets and ensured the crowd had a great night.

Next on stage was Jarred Keane. He was working on material for his up coming show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival called ‘The Second Coming’, From what we got to see last night the show looks like it is going to be a winner. A true friend would at this juncture go onto facebook and find out the dates and locations of Jarred’s show to give him a free plug…turns out I am not a true friend.

The night started to take an Irish turn at this point. David Burke (which may or may not be his real name) came on next and basically kicked his phone around the room for five minutes which was pretty much as entertaining as a night gets. He may have told a few jokes in between but I couldn’t be sure. I was too busy laughing at his phone hurtling around the room. David Duff was on after him and he preformed some songs ‘in the key of red’ on his guitar. The songs were all quite funny but it was his talent on the guitar that actually impressed me more. He was a great ending to what was indeed an excellent night of comedy.

Well he would have been if he was the last act on stage. Paul Warnes was the evening’s headline act. I can’t comfirm that he was actually listed to go on as a headline act but when David Duff finished he started heading towards the stage. People did try to stop him but in my experiencing when a 135kg man (sorry 132 kg) has momentum up it is probably best to just leave him be.

Paul got up and ended a fantastic night in fine form proving why he is one of Sydney’s many fast rising comedic talents.

With any luck one day somebody will be writing about me as a ‘fast rising comedic talent’ but I feel there is a long arduous winding road between now and then. I am performing this Monday night at the Manly Boatshed in the ‘A-List’ competition “5 minutes of funny” with any luck that will turn out to be a step forward on the road.

Have a great week and I look forward to being in touch again soon.

©Joey Del
Joey Del is an aspiring Stand Up Comedian, poet and lover of fine Methylated Spirits. To read more check out today!

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One Response to “Joey Del: Who Am I?”

  1. dave the bear howard 2010/02/12 at 7:00 pm #

    Nice write up. I understand everything that you were saying Joey, especially about trying to find out what kind of a comic you are. God, it’s bad enough trying to find out who you are without trying to be a comic.

    I am moving up to Sydney in a couple of months from Victoria, hopefully we can catch up when I get there. Maybe you could push me in the right direction for a few open mic night spots to find my way around,and hopefully some paid gigs as well, plus it’s always good to catch up with other comics to see how they are doing or undoing.

    Look after yourself.

    Are you mad, or both?


    Dave the bear Howard
    (King of Spain and Turkey)

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