Joey Del On The Aftermath, Stalking Tammy And Man Crushes On Tommy Dean!!!


The 13th instalment of the ‘From Zero to…Somewhere Slightly Higher Than Zero’ Chronicles!


I hope you are well. All is good over here although I must admit I feel a little purposeless at the moment. Nothing serious, no need to call ‘Beyond Blue’ or anything like that it is just that the Quest For The Best final has now come and gone. Whilst I must admit that I am happy that I know longer need to write the words ‘Quest For The Best’ together again for at least a few months (I must have written it at least a hundred times in the lead up to the event) I am feeling a little bit hollow without the date looming towards me anymore.

It had been the focal point of my comedy ’career’ for the few months proceeding it. Pretty much everything I did in the comedy sphere of my life was working towards this event now that it is gone it is strange to not have a set date in mind that I am working towards.

So first let’s talk about the night in question. It was as big a circus as one would expect for such an event with some 600 odd people in the crowd. Tommy Dean was the MC which I found fitting on a personal side as watching him perform at The Comedy Store some ten years ago had a lot to do with me being interested in stand up comedy in the first place. He was as funny as you would expect him to be (very) and he set the mood for the night quite well. I got there about an hour before start time just so I could check the place out and then go and get something to eat (by the way the Vietnamese food in Marrickville is good…real good) on my arrival I was ushered over to the ‘Green Room’ which was the location of where us comics were to be locked up whilst the show was going on.

My first impression of the green room was one of shock. I was disappointed that there wasn’t even a plant in the room let alone anything else to justify the term ‘green room’. I thought a name like the ‘cream room’ would have been much more sufficient. The second thing I noticed was that there was free food and alcohol as far as the eye could see. The free alcohol thing is tricky for a comic. Speaking from personal experience, I don’t like to drink before I go on stage but I do like to drink a lot (and quickly) after I have finished. So I turned my attention to the order of events to find out exactly when I would be able to unleash on the cavalcade of pilsner and hops that lay before me. Of course I was on 13th, which meant there would be no drinking until at least 10:14 that night (I did appreciate the accurateness of their timing). I am sure if there was no alcohol I would have been drawn out to go on first, there is certainly a God out there and he likes to make fun of me.

There were some great comics on the night; Mat Wakefield, Dane Hiser, Emma Markezic, Evin Donohoe, Josh Dolin, Kat Mandu, Leon Joseph, Jordan Paris, Simon Brodie and others whose names allude me. Tammy Tantschev was on stage before me which I was personally very happy about. I find her hilarious so I thought what better start could I ask for than the person on just before me whipping the crowd into an absolute frenzy?

I kind of got what I asked for, Tammy did a great set. I was standing back stage watching her (not in a stalker kind of way…well not completely) and she did fantastic. There were times when she did something that I thought was hilarious and the crowd didn’t seem to acknowledge it in the way it deserved. It took all of my power (which isn’t a lot) to stop myself from going on stage and asking the crowd to listen to her joke again because it was good and they must have misunderstood it. But after five minutes her time was up and it was my turn to get up on stage.

There is something very cool of walking out on a stage in front of a few hundred people as opposed to just a few people. It was probably one of the more fun experiences that I have enjoyed in my life. I was actually standing up there enjoying it so much that I almost forgot that I was up there to do a comedy set. I did my routine and I was happy with it, although it was over much to quickly and just like that the Quest For The Best (Dammit I had to write it again!) was over for me.

Moving forward I guess my main goal is to just keep improving slowly but surely. One thing is for sure I have a long way to go. I am going to try and implement a few new things into my routine this week. I am at the Laugh Garage on Wednesday and the Star Bar on Friday. Hopefully it all goes well.

I look forward to chatting with you again soon!

©Joey Del

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