Joey Del On The World Bar, Flight Centre And Kneecapping!!!


The 12th instalment of the ‘From Zero To…Somewhere Slightly Higher Than Zero’ Chronicles!!

Well the big Quest For The Best Final is just a couple of sleeps away and I for one am very excited! I haven’t had the preparation I would have liked to be honest, I started a job at Flight Centre (If you need any travel related stuff then contact me) last week and this had made me unable to focus on anything but this job. Like all new things that you start up there is so much to learn. By the time I get home I am so exhausted I can’t fathom opening my eyes let alone working though my comedy material. I still feel prepared though. I will go there and do my best and with any luck I will make at least a hand full of the 600 odd people in attendance laugh!

Due to the new job and just the general time of year I had a relatively quiet week on the performing front. I did however get some stage time at The World Bar in their ‘Stand Up Get Down’ Comedy evening. This event runs bi-weekly on a Wednesday night and starts at 8pm. I believe that they are moving to weekly very shortly but I am not sure when. If you need any information I am sure Rhys Jones, the guy who runs it, will be more than happy to help you out.

I had heard about this venue for a while and was looking forward to taking part there although I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to see an absolutely beautiful bar with a great outdoor seating area and more importantly a separated room at the back which was where the comedy would be taking place.

I was equally impressed with the comics that were on that night. Firstly there was a lot of people and secondly the standard was quite high. I saw Dain Haizer (complete guess of the spelling) for the first time and learnt that I would be competing with him in next weeks’ final. I considered knee capping him momentarily so as to take him out of the competition but sadly he was too nice a guy so I decided against it.

Kristen Boesenberg was performing as was Rhys Jones, JP White, John Cruckshank, Ryan Withers, Russel Jones, Nick Capper and my good self. Everyone put on a great performance but I need to give special mention to John Cruckshank who absolutely killed. I have seen him perform a fair few times now. I don’t know what he did differently this time but it was complete Gold. I also enjoyed seeing Ryan Withers perform; He was workshopping a few ideas which left him a fair few moments of crowd interaction which I thought were executed well. There was also something special about watching Rhys Jones pretend to be Macgyver and try to fashion a condom out of a pack of chewing gum, revolutionary comedy indeed!

Canorvale and Culp where the headline act (apparently they are ‘aka The Cloud Girls’ but for my short time in comedy they have always been Canorvale and Culp so if I told you they were ‘aka’ I would be lying), they preformed their unique brand of comedy and the crowd seemed to really get behind it. My personal favourite was the ‘eurovision’ sketch that they did.

Paul Warnes was the MC as he seems to be everywhere that I go. I have noticed that of late I actually cannot write an entry without mentioning his name as he is everywhere that I perform. I got to hear some new material of his which I thought was quite good. He did a bit just before I came on which didn’t go down as well as one would hope. I made fun of him and everyone laughed which would have been great if I hadn’t then proceeded to bomb the next 4 and a half minutes of stage time. I guess that is the lesson I have learnt this week, if you are going to make fun of someone, make sure you do a better job than they did.

All in all it was a great night and my last hit out before the big finale on the 25th November at Marrickville Town Hall (Tickets Available through Moshtix). If you come down please say hi to me! If not I will look forward to keeping everyone up to date next week.

Have a great week!

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