Joey Del On The Laugh Garage And The World’s Funniest Island!!!

The 7th instalment of the “From Zero to… Somewhere Slightly Higher Than Zero Chronicles”!!!

fromzeroto_Well another week has come and gone and what a week it was. I was a little quiet on the stage time front this past week only securing a spot on Tuesday night at The Laugh Garage. This was my first visit to The Laugh Garage as a performer which saw me enter with both nerves and excitement.

The first thing that caught my attention was how many people were in attendance! This was an open mic night but the crowd would have easily been around the hundred mark! I could only assume that all of these people had showed up to celebrate my Laugh Garage debut, maybe all of the PR work that I had been doing (i.e incessant nagging on facebook) was starting to pay off? I did hear some rumours that ’60 minutes’ were going to be doing a recording from the venue that night and that was the reason for the large crowd. I suppose that argument is a lot more water tight than the ideology that everyone had shown up to see Joey Del live on stage, but it is nice to pretend sometimes!

All in all there were around 12 open micers performing. I can’t remember everyone in attendance but off the top of my head the performers include British sex God Paul Warnes who was acting as MC, my comedy class mate Michelle Betts, Alistair Bates, Peter Meisel, Sydney’s only Heritage listed comic Dave Pollard, Ray Badran, Damian ‘Casey Affleck’ Smith and a host of others. It was one of those great comedy nights were all did well and the crowd responded really well to every joke. I would definitely say that my first experience of the Laugh Garage was a positive one and I can’t wait to get some more stage time there.

One of the things that I noticed about this venue which probably runs true to all Sydney Comedy rooms was the sense of community. Apart from Michelle who I have known for a while and Paul who I have been lucky enough to chat with after a couple of other shows I didn’t really know anyone there when I walked in. However everyone from Darren Sanders who runs the place to Julie and Eleanor behind the bar and all of the comedians were all happy to have a chat, share war stories and offer advice. The Laugh Garage is a great place for open micers to get some stage time and to watch and learn from the professional comics that frequent there.

Apart from that my comedy week was quiet, I had spent most of the week trying to fine tune my material and did not plan on going to any venues until I was rudely awoken on Sunday morning by fellow open micer Mat Wakefield who informed me that he wanted to go to the ‘World’s Funniest Island’ Festival and he didn’t want to go alone so he would be picking me up in an hour!

I had been hesitant about going to the World’s Funniest Island. It certainly seemed interesting but at the end of the day I am a freelance writer and an Open Mic comedian and if you flick through ‘Forbes’ Magazine you will notice that there are not many people in my line of work (with my lack of skill anyway) who are mentioned in any of the ‘Rich Lists’.

I am definitely glad that I went though and cannot wait until next year! This was a great day! This was the first running of this kind of festival and apart from a few teething problems it was brilliant. For a new comic like me it was such a great opportunity to watch many different comics and to learn many valuable things. I got there at around midday and left at 11pm and did not have one spare minute in between. All of the venues were jam packed and the vibe in the crowd was really good. What initially seemed expensive actually turned out to be very cheap when you consider I was lucky enough to watch Jimeoin, Akmal, Arj Barker, Tripod, Axis of Awesome, Heath Franklin’s Chopper, Mad Max the remix, John Robertson, Toby Coleman, Seizure, Keasty, Mickey D, Greg Fleet, Rick Shapiro, Matthew Hardy, Nick Sun, Sam Bowring, Sally Kimpton, Chris Wainhouse, Paul Warnes, Alan Glover, Felicity Ward and Peter Berner all in the one day!

It was such a valuable experience for me to be able to watch so many masters in action and to be able to get some one on one time with some of these guys to talk about comedy and get some advice from people who clearly know what they are doing.

It shows that the state of comedy in our country is at a phenomenal level when an event like this can be such a success. With any luck I can take some of the great things that I learnt and use them in my bid to one day develop myself into a comedian!

Have a great week!

Joey Del

Joey Del is a Freelance Writer and an aspiring Stand Up Comedian! Check out to read more of his mutterings!

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