Joey Del On The Edge, Mic In Hand And Jihad Inducing Hecklers!!!


The sixth instalment of the “From Zero To…Somewhere Slightly Higher Than Zero” Chronicles

Let me start by asking what is going on with the weather?! Seriously, make up your mind! 30 degrees one day, 14 and raining the next! It’s killing me!

I always get it wrong! I put on a jumper one day and find out the city has turned into a dessert. The next day I will compensate by wearing a singlet, shorts and thongs only to find myself having to practice my side stepping skills as I duck and weave through hail.

You may be reading this and thinking well Joey; surely you could do something logical like check the weather report before you leave the house or put your hand out the window and feel what the temperature is? Well let me explain to you that a Joey Del is not a forward thinking or logical animal. It merely goes from point A to point B looking for food and something funny to talking about. It doesn’t have time to waste on things like logic and cleanliness.

I have had a pretty exciting week comedy wise. It was full of both highs and lows. It started on Tuesday at the EDGE where I got to catch up with Mark Williamson, Seizure, Oliver Phommavanh, Paul Warnes, Desh, Dat and some other people whose names escape me at the moment (sorry). I also got to meet a guy who was up from Victoria for the week called Michael Connell who was both hilarious and an accomplished harmonicist (I am pretty sure I made up that word).

I must say that on this night I put in one of my worst performances ever. I don’t know what it was but I got insanely nervous beforehand which served me an oversized portion of cotton mouth and made me rush through all of my set with virtually no breaks in it what so ever. I will be honest…I SUCKED! It is fair to say that I left the EDGE feeling like a Good Charlotte loving EMO kid. I was depressed and emotional. I had a lot of work to do if I wasn’t going to get heckled into submission at my Mic In Hand debut in two days time.

The Mic In Hand, I had been there a couple of times on a Thursday night to watch shows there. One thing I had always noticed was how high the quality seemed to be. Great headliners, great MC’s even the Open Micers on display there seem amazing. So I was shocked when after just two weeks of relentless nagging I was offered a spot.

I arrived on Thursday night with a healthy mix of excitement and nervousness. They always get good sized crowds there so I really wanted to put in a good showing. Michael Connell was MC for the night and I was looking forward to hearing some more gold from him. Open Micers included Damian Smith, Sean Ticehurst, Dain Hedgpeth, Ray Badran, Desh, me and another guy whose name once eludes me. I think everyone put on a good showing. I worked a lot before the show on just slowing everything down and making sure I had fun. I didn’t want the nervousness and cotton mouth from the EDGE to make another appearance. It didn’t, people laughed and I left with no egg on my face or knives in my chest, so all in all a pretty good evening!

As mentioned Desh performed in both of the shows I was at this week. For those that don’t know Desh is a seasoned comic who has been going around entertaining people for close to a decade, highlights include being a finalist in the 2002 RAW comedy competition and a member of The Footy Shows ‘Best Of ’ DVD. Desh was working on some new material at both of these shows and what I found interesting was how different it was from the Tuesday to the Thursday. This really highlighted to me the amount of work that guys at this level (which is obviously somewhere I am aspiring too) put in. I really need to stop (or at least minimise) the amount of time spent scouring you tube for as many various kitten inspired comedy skits as I can find and focus on my writing!

Just briefly before I finish up I went to the Comedy Store last night to watch Glen Wool. He was hilarious. I had an awkward moment when a drunk guy who was seated directly behind me decided to heckle. He didn’t really think it through though and just shouted out what was on his mind “F%$K MUSLIMS…I HATE THEM!” was what he came up with. Everybody turned around to the source of the noise. As he was directly behind me everyone turned to me and I was faced with a sea of disapproving eyes who thought I was responsible for the comments…Not a good feeling. Luckily he stood up and kept going which meant the accusing eyes were averted from me and back up to him, which was lucky, because I can’t beat one person in a fight, let alone a whole room of people.

Ryan Withers was the opening act on the night. I have seen him at the Mic In Hand before and he seems like a nice guy. He did a good job. When I saw his name on the massive sign out the front of the door I was very happy for him but a little envious as well…I wonder how long until I can see my name up there?

On that note, have a great week! I have some cat videos to wat…I mean some comedy to write!

Joey Del.

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