Halloween Hijinks

halloweenWho doesn’t love the opportunity to goof around in a vaguely macabre fashion? Which comedy venues are putting on the fangs, capes and neck-bolts etc? Several Sydney rooms are doing themed shows this week – check out your favourite comedy venue and see what ghouls they have dragged forth to entertain you.

    A tribute night to comedy greats – local comics will get up and do classic routines from their favourite comedy legends – expect to hear material written by ROBIN WILLIAMS* STEPHEN LYNCH* RODNEY DANGERFIELD* BEN STILLER* TOMMY COOPER* BILLY CONNELLY* LOUIS C K* DAVID CROSS* DANE COOK* PATTON OSWALT*and more.
  • The Roxbury in Sydney has several themed shows on during the week:
    • THURS, FRI, SAT: Cabaret Merlot’s ROXBURY HORROR SHOW 8pm
      In a one-hour cabaret comedy showcase, Dr Paul and the troupe take all the best of modern musical theatre and select only the finest creepy tunes to appease the ghosts, goblins, and, er, you.
    • FRIDAY: Scared Scriptless HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 9:30pm
      Theatresports ™ fun in freaky costumes
    • SATURDAY: Puppy Fight Social Club HALLOWEEEEN!!! 9:30pm
      MC for the evening is the sensational Kitty Flanagan taking on an all-macabre lineup of improvisors, standups and your funky DJ Tom Lowndes.

No doubt other venues are playing silly buggers with pumpkins and broomsticks as well (it’s all fun and games until somebody loses a corpse). Mention your show in the comments.

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