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3rd Installment of “From Zero To…Somewhere Slightly Higher Than Zero!”


Another week has come and gone which means I am slowly moving further away from being a fresh faced comedy rookie and am well on my way to being a familiar (albeit unheard of) face on the Sydney circuit.

I performed in my fifth show on Friday night, a ‘Comedy Court’ competition at The Star Bar. It was another packed house which was good to see. It is always nice to perform in a full room because odds are someone will find something I say funny (I hope). There were three contestants in my heat. Myself, my former class mate Michelle Betts and a guy going by the name of Claude. In the last competition Michelle and I were in against each other at The Roxbury Hotel I was lucky enough to be the winner however this time the crowd preferred her antics and she took home the mustard. It was a good night with Barry Hamilton acting as MC and the winner of the last Comedy Court competition Matt Wakefield doing a spot as well.

The third contestant of the night was a guy named Claude. It was his first time up on stage and he got really nervous and completely forgot what he was going to talk about. The crowd didn’t really like this and heckled the sweet bejesus out of him. I have never seen anything like that before where a group of about 60 people are all just laying into one guy on stage. I suppose I have been very fortunate that this has not happened to me (yet). It was an eye opener though as it just showed me how hard this comedy game is. I respect the guy for trying and if he decides to do it again I just hope he remembers what he has written down!

I learnt a few lessons about comedy during this show. It seems you can never really tell what people will find funny. I did the same set that I had done a week before. However on this night some of the parts that were previously met with laughter received nothing but a deafening silence. I wanted to scream out “GUYS…YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LAUGH AT THIS BIT!!!” but decided against it. More amazingly, some parts that usually get nothing but a slight chuckle were met with a good round of laughing. I guess it just goes to show you that different people are into different things.

Overall I am happy with how everything is going. I feel a lot more comfortable on stage now and don’t feel like I am going to fall over every time I take a step. One of the things I love about stand up comedy is that your set is never perfect. I don’t think that you ever get to a point where you get off stage and can say “That was 100% spot on, if I do that exact same thing every time then I will be a superstar”. Every time I do a show I learn new things about myself and my set. I see what kind of jokes I am more comfortable doing and I change little things to work around that. As soon as I finish a set I immediately want to get straight home and start working on my material. Inevitably I end up at the bar and 3 hours later have no recollection of how to spell the word comedy let alone what it was that I wanted to change but still there is a lesson in there somewhere.

I have three shows booked in at the moment. I am doing two shows at the Roxbury, one is another heat in “The Quest For The Best” (23rd September) – I have already qualified but I felt very awkward on the stage there so I thought it was a good idea to go a few more times and get some more experience under my belt. This should be a good night as all of my comedy class (except Adam who seems to have disappeared from the comedy universe) will be performing on that night. There was a girl in our class called Geena who has so far not been mentioned in this blog. She did not complete the course due to a family illness and a trip to New Zealand so this will be the first time we get to see her on stage; it will be exciting to see what she comes up with.

My next show after this will be on the 26th of September again at the Roxbury. This is a ‘Red Card Comedy” night which from what I can tell consists of members of the audience having the power to pull you off stage if they think you suck, I am sure this will do wonders for my already frail self esteem 🙂

After that I am on at the Lord Raglan hotel on the 30th of September, I have no idea what this place is like or what to expect so I am very much looking forward to this.

As you can see I have about a week with no shows on so I look forward to use this time to work on my material and to try and book more shows. I am still yet to hear back from the ‘mic in hand’ at Glebe (blacklisted already?) So I will probably try to nag them a bit more 🙂

I hope you have a great week, any comments or advice you wish to leave are appreciated and I will be back with more soon!

Joey Del

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5 Responses to “Joey Del On Living, Learning And Drinking!!!”

  1. Michele Betts 2009/09/16 at 12:51 pm #

    Very well written Mate.

    Great doing the shows together and many more to come.

  2. jonny vincent 2009/09/16 at 3:54 pm #

    In the absence of videos, are you able to post some select examples of your material up in text? I’m more of a script guy anyway…

    one time.

  3. Mark Williamson 2009/09/16 at 4:39 pm #

    Hey Joey, Glad to hear you’re going well…
    With Mic in Hand it’s an awesome room and hence there is a lot of people wishing to perform.
    Therefore there is a bit of a wait to get on….rather than nag maybe turn up to a show to watch (this week is Dave Jory and Greg Fleet, 2 amazing acts) and introduce yourself to the room runners.

    • Viv Smythe 2009/09/17 at 12:34 am #

      Mark’s got the right of it – you may well have to wait quite a few weeks until your name comes up on the waiting list at A Mic In Hand because of everybody else ahead of you waiting for their turn. Also, this is a long shot, but if you’re there introducing yourself to the room managers and some other open-mic’er has to cancel, you might just get bumped into their slot.

  4. jess 2009/09/21 at 11:31 am #

    you are a deadset champion mate.
    One of the greats, keep this stuff coming!!!

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