Ticket giveaway: Best of British @ Comedy Store

store-britishThere’s a bunch of Poms laughing it up at the Comedy Store EQ this week. They’re bloody good fun normally, but this week you just know that they’ll be having a bit of a gloat about a certain game of cricket in which Australia came second. Headliner Eddy Brimson is gearing up for his performances this week by jogging around Centennial Park wearing nothing but cricket pads, cricket box and a Union Jack flag tied as a cloak. Just so everyone knows just how chuffed this one bald Brit is right now. Not that he actually enjoys cricket that much, except for times like these, when he bloody loves it! [rimshot]

In order to cushion the pain for a lucky few, the Comedy Store EQ has given Gagging For It two double pass giveaways to the show this Friday night, where you can enjoy the mild-mannered rapier work of Jeff Green and the wild adventures of Eddy Brimson as your double headliners, supported by the unflinching irreverence of Julia Clark. Surely they can’t gloat about the Ashes for the whole night, can they?

Actually, if someone bet them enough money, they probably could. Luckily they’ve each got lots more they like to talk about. Their show last Tuesday night was thoroughly enjoyable – Eddie Brimson knows how to take a gag right up to the razor’s edge and dangle it dangerously at you with a cheeky grin, while Jeff Green makes finely-crafted set-ups pay off with deceptive ease. Local MC Matt Okine stands up as a token Aussie to shore off the invasion, and does a fine job of it. Last week the support act was Paul Warnes, who seems to have really found his pace as a performer, tying together a rather traditional style of gag delivery with superb timing, but this week it’s Julia Clark, who gets stronger and sharper every week as she finds new foibles to highlight. It’s a really strong lineup, thoroughly recommended to catch them before it finishes up on Sunday even if you don’t win these tickets.

So, what do you need to do to win?

I’m so glad you asked. What you need to do is come up with a pre-emptive comeback for the inevitable Ashes material – what can you say to top the horrible, horrible things they’re going to say about our lads (and by extension all of us)? Put one together and leave it in the comments below (using an email address that you’ll be checking on Friday morning).

On Thursday evening, one of the lovely people from Cardinal Spin PR will judge the entries and decide the winners. You will be notified by email overnight, so that the winners can decide who to invite along to the show with them on the Friday night.

So, as Doctor Who would say, Allons-y!

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  1. Paul 2009/08/26 at 4:15 pm #

    Actually Paul Warnes is on all this week as well.

    • Viv Smythe 2009/08/26 at 5:23 pm #

      Sorry Paul – I obviously got the wrong end of the stick – I thought you were supporting last week and Julia was doing this week. Oops!

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