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Review: International House of Comedy 60 Comics in 60 Minutes

There was a great vibe to this night – it was a celebration of the room’s anniversary and the birthday of the room’s manager (comedian Seizure Kaiser) as well as an attempt to do something very different – get 60 comedians up on stage, each telling a few jokes, over 60 minutes. The late announcement that Steve Hughes would be the guest headliner for the night was icing on the gooey cake. Sure, half the crowd were comedians waiting to grab the mic, but there was a solid slab of comedy fans prepared to enjoy the night as well.

Review: Cooper’s Local Laughs Aug 2nd ’09

First: the pub. It used to have another name, but now it’s The Local Taphouse and it offers an extensive range of boutique beers (including a tasting paddle for the dedicated) and a funky menu of snacks and full meals. (There is another The Local Taphouse pub in St Kilda which hosts Melbourne’s longest-running independent comedy room under the name Cooper’s Local Laughs, and this Local Laughs comedy room is a spin-off from that.) The ticket price for the show includes two half-price Coopers beers – happy days.