Green Faces starts in July

The annual national comedy competition with all shows taking place in Canberra fires up again on July 2nd and puts on a show every Thursday night until September 10th.

There are 9 Heats. 3 from Sydney, 3 from Melbourne, 1 from Adelaide, 1 from Brisbane and 1 from Canberra. Each show features a lineup of top new comedians plus a veteran comedian as MC – a great chance to see some old favourites alongside the next big talents!

Find out more on the A-List Green Faces webpage.

Bookings: 6288 7451 or Canberra Ticketing

  • 2.7.2009
    George Kapiniaris + Melbourne Contestants
  • 9.7.2009
    Jackie Loeb + Canberra Contestants
  • 16.7.2009
    Mick Meredith + Brisbane Contestants
  • 23.7.2009
    Gary Eck + Adelaide Contestants
  • 30.7.2009
    Jimeoin + Sydney Contestants
  • 6.8.2009
    Elliot Goblet + Melbourne Contestants
  • 13.8.2009
    Josh Thomas + Sydney Contestants
  • 20.8.2009
    Akmal + Melbourne Contestants
  • 27.8.2009
    Kitty Flanagan + Sydney Contestants
  • 3.9.2009
    Grand Final hosted by Cameron Knight
  • 10.9.2009
    The Best Of

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6 Responses to “Green Faces starts in July”

  1. Warren Kibblewhite 2009/06/27 at 2:07 pm #

    Hey is it too late to register as a comedian for the Green Faces Comp?? I am near Brisbane??
    Warren Kibblewhite

  2. Viv Smythe 2009/06/27 at 2:16 pm #

    @ Warren Kibblewhite:

    I’m not sure whether registrations are still open, try the A-List site linked in the post and contact them. Good luck!

  3. Rick Jones 2009/06/29 at 1:14 pm #

    If you’re from Brisbane, you’ve missed out. The guy that runs the Sit Down Comedy Club in Brisbane has already hand picked a bunch of comedians to take part in Green Faces. Apparently it isn’t like Raw where anyone can have a go.

  4. Viv Smythe 2009/06/29 at 2:14 pm #

    @ Rick Jones:

    Apparently it isn’t like Raw where anyone can have a go.

    No, but so far as I know they’ll consider anyone who’s out doing open mics regularly. You just have to know that the competition’s coming up in order to talk to the right person about competing. I’d still give A-List a call and ask them what their procedure is.

  5. Bob-o 2009/08/09 at 3:30 pm #

    Any news on who’s won the heats so far?

    • Viv Smythe 2009/08/09 at 7:48 pm #

      A-List seem to be keeping any such news a deep dark secret to the rest of the world, Bob-O. They’re not putting it up on their website and it’s not included with their newsletter updates, or at least not the ones that I am getting!

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