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Green Faces starts in July

The annual national comedy competition with all shows taking place in Canberra fires up again on July 2nd and puts on a show every Thursday night until September 10th.

The heats are organised by State capitals, with contestants from Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra taking their turn each week. Each show features a lineup of top new comedians plus a veteran comedian as MC – a great chance to see some old favourites alongside the next big talents!

Bookings: 6288 7451 or Canberra Ticketing

Festival Flashback for Melbourne in July

Every Wednesday in July, the bar called 303 in Northcote (site of several successful seasons by Ross Noble and a crop of Australia’s finest funny folk) will host a returning MICF show, each one resurrected for one night only. […] So, for those swamped by choice back in April, five highlights of the Comedy Festival come back for a second bite, offering a season of different performers, styles and approaches, with one thing in common – they’re all very, very funny.

A little disclaimer

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Doin’ It For Dave

Join Dave Hughes, Tony Martin, Glenn Robbins, Judith Lucy, Wil Anderson, Peter Rowsthorn, Dave O’Neil, Peter Helliar, Greg Fleet, Christine Basil, Lawrence Mooney, Brad Oakes, Pommy Johnson, and more…

2009’s biggest comedy show for the Dave Grant Fighting Fund.

Gratuitous Granny Weatherwax reference

as in “I aten’t dead”*.

I’m just recovering from too many late nights in a row during festivals and juggling several projects that actually pay me money and have deadlines. There will be a whole heap of catch-up reviews posted this week which will reference where the artists concerned are currently gigging, and if you have a gig needing publicising, send me an email or a message on Facebook.