The Squiz premieres tonight on SBS

If you’ve already gone out partying and forgotten to set the recording device, don’t fret! SBS does these things properly, so you can catch up on the full episode online over the next week, to ensure you don’t miss a moment of Anh Do keeping some sort of an impression of a leash on Amelia Jane Hunter and Jordan Raskopolous while they look at the world of sport with their special guests.

Featuring in the first episode are Paralympic Skier, Cyclist and Adventurer Michael Milton, Aussie Sprinter John Steffensen, Australian Netballer Laura Geitz and Comedians Sean Choolburra and Desh.

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  1. Viv Smythe 2009/05/24 at 11:14 am #

    My thoughts: promising format once everybody’s relaxed into it a little more. I especially like the subs bench idea. Of course, the lineup I posted above, taken directly from the SBS website, was entirely wrong for this episode. Who was actually on were comedians Tommy Dean and George Kapiniaris, and sportsfolks heptathlete Jane Flemming, Socceroo John Aloisi and Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham.

    Nice for Sydney to have another panel show recording here opening up guest slots for our favourite funny people.

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