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Mark Watson festival and tour schedule April/May ’09

MARK WATSON in “All The Thoughts I’ve Had Since I Was Born”
Mark Watson – comedian, author, sports pundit and husband, born in 1980 and according to life expectancy for his socio-economic group and Body Mass Index dying in 2056 will be delivering his latest show in April and May. Perrier Award nominee and if.comedy award winner, Mark has visited Australia many times, every time bringing down sold out houses.

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Heath Franklin announces regional NSW tour of Chopper

He’s already done a season of crowd favourite Chopper Bingo at the Adelaide Fringe and will be reprising it at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival as well. He’s also performing Chopper Live at Pentridge while the Melbourne Festival is on. Then he’s taking Chopper’s Harden the F**k Up to New Zealand in May.

In between all those dates he’s now going to tour Chopper around some regional centres in NSW.

Photos: Comedy on the Edge, 24 March 2009

A whole lotta MICF Preview Trial Runs going on! Christina Davis and Jarred Keane both did large chunks of their upcoming MICF solo shows, Chris Radburn and new comic Dane Hedgepath tested some new material, MC Oliver Phommavanh kept it all ticking along and Eddie Ifft dropped in as a surprise guest to try out some new stuff as well.