Writing opportunity for comics

There’s a new website under development, and they need people to provide content, with the quid pro quo that comedy writers will gain some new readers.

As you might of or might not of known, The Rogues Gallery operates as a comedy podcast. Much similar to Adelaide comedy podcast in respect to general ‘jibber-jabba’ and interviews; minus the exception for the sketches and segments we do each week.

The podcast itself was not initially created for the exclusively Queensland comedy gig guide but for the love of comedy and the comedians that make up the landscape of local, national and international stand-up comedy.

We use the myspace for the episodes as a stepping stone for latter developments. That later development for 2009 being the Rogues gallery website.

The website will contain interviews with comics, podcast (Adelaide comedy podcast & Rogues gallery), gig guide (Australia) and special offers for members etc.

But the main defining feature is the blog/articles section.

If you are familiar with such sites as cracked.com and to lesser extent rovedaily.com – Both have the feature of regular/resident columnists and other occasional/guest writers.

In Australia we are limited for online comedy (not including seasonal updates of rovedaily.com and other mainstream radio station podcast’s). Most of comedy seen is live, televised or broadcast; and with this being said this may lead to isolation of those performances/shows to a region.

You may do…

– (Fictional) News story with written opinion (reference www.rovedaily.com)
-Fictitious story
-A Review
-An opinion of some kind
-A personal report
-List based article (reference www.cracked.com)

If there is another form of article you wish to do, we are quite flexible.

There is six resident columnists spots open for 2009 as part of 3 month trial.

* So what is required?

-Basic Photoshop skills
-Ability to write in 2nd&3rd Perspective (1st perspective may be employed)
-High skill and control of grammar and spelling
-Ability to make deadlines 24 hours before publication.

* How to make the cut.

Your task is quite simple. Write a 600 word article in one of the forms as listed above.

*Research is paramount for topic as it gives a firm grounding for articles.*

* Incentives.

The Rogues Gallery provides a number of measures to promote our columnists many* of those who will be columnists will be performing comedians. We would allow and also implore our columnists and writers to ‘plug’ any shows they may be doing. Since the Rogues Gallery is Australia wide. The site’s auxiliary function is to help a comic amass a larger fan-base. This is for both resident columnists and also guest writers (touring comics etc). The site will be in it’s infancy for the first 2 months but we want to provide a chance for comics to get their ‘foot in the door’ while it is early.

Dead line for entry is End of February 2009.

For those of you who miss the deadline or whatever, GFI is also happy to view submissions of bits of comedy pieces that may fall from your fertile brains. Garn, give it a go.

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2 Responses to “Writing opportunity for comics”

  1. Dat 2009/02/04 at 3:06 pm #

    How do i submit article? in this space?

  2. Viv Smythe 2009/02/04 at 3:25 pm #

    Sorry Dat – what an embarrassing oversight! Send your email off to the following address:

    turbinemaster [AT] gmail.com
    Richard Price
    The Rogues Gallery, QLD
    Owner, Promoter, Editor

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