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The Sydney Comedy Festival


So goes the press release!

Since 2005 Sydney’s Comedy Festival – Cracker – has made over half a million people laugh themselves silly. In 2009 the Festival returns as Sydney Comedy Festival, with all the irreverence, international comedy superstars and home grown gems that Cracker has delivered to date, but bigger and better than ever.

Why the change from Cracker to Sydney Comedy Festival?

2008 winds down, get ready for 2009

Best wishes to all comedians, comedy promoters and comedy fans for the festive season!

I’ve got one more review to write this weekend, then Gagging For It will take a holiday for a few weeks…One of the first comedy events firing up in the New Year will be the opening heats of Raw Comedy 2009…

Roy & HG and Triple M makes three

Roy and HG have stirred up a hornets nest by quitting the ABC. When asked where they were headed, Roy Said “commercial radio, right HG?” and HG replied “Yes mmm – that’s right – Triple M” and the (Dapto) dogs have been barking ever since. Fans are in uproar and the ABC like a failed parent is wringing its hands and “…wondering where it went wrong”

Richard Marsland 1976-2008

Comedian, radio performer and writer Richard Marsland was found dead on Saturday. Most recently best known for being the anchor of the Pete & Myf Breakfast Show on Triple M, Richard will be sadly missed by fans, friends and family. Triple M has a tribute page and a page where condolences comments can be left […]

Weekly Poster Parade #5

The slideshow below displays some posters for shows happening over the next week or two. You can examine a poster in more detail, just mouse-over the top of the slideshow to pause it or slow down its speed click on a thumbnail (mouse-over the bottom of the slideshow to have them pop up) to view […]